Memphis Zoo

“Memphis Insider” Launch

What a great way to give Memphis Zoo “insiders” a first look at the growth and daily lives of the zoo’s adorable residents! This first edition of “Memphis Insider” features Mashamba, a baby giraffe who needed a little help from her friends when she was born.



Instructor Profile

Meet Jean Francois Mahoro. He’s bringing the experience of technology and coding to the CodeCrew! The students in this video were taught what it’s like to invent apps. Watch to learn more about Jean Francois’ teaching method and how it resulted in a new student idea — a music app called Heartbeat Music.


Epicenter Memphis

Grand Opening: Big Momma’s & Granny’s

Name one of the favorite past-times of this great city, and eating is sure to be near the top. Our team was on hand for the grand opening of Big Momma’s & Granny’s Catering, a new woman-owned, black-owned business serving up southern soul-style cooking. “You have to eat the food!” Epicenter connects minority and veteran entrepreneurs with the resources they need to launch their invention.



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