Scott Ready

Master of Tech


He’s not a Loras College alum. He’s not a video producer. He’s not technically our odd one out …

He’s our fearless business guy!

Scott was invaluable in the creation and scale of Forever Ready Productions and continues to be the backbone of the company’s operations.

In addition to being a member of the Forever Ready team, he earned his MBA and has more than 10 years of IT and online security experience.

Scott’s creative streak comes out in all of our aerial footage. He is an FAA-certified drone pilot and led Forever Ready in securing an FAA Section 333 exemption. This means our drone photography and videography is 100% legal and insured.

Scott’s business vision is a perfect match for wife Lauren’s creative vision. The pair began Forever Ready in the den of their former downtown Memphis condo. Today, Scott stays attuned to the latest tools and technology in video to ensure our productions remain a front runner in the services available to our clients.


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Video-making isn’t just a technical process for us.

It’s our heart, our DNA.