Sweet LaLa’s Bakery

At Sweet Lala’s Bakery in South Memphis, owner & founder Lauren Young teaches youth how to bake — and teaches a community how to give former youth offenders a second chance to show us what they’re made of. The partnership between Sweet LaLa’s and nonprofit JIFF, a faith-based crime-intervention organization, offers job skills and training after young people come out of the juvenile system. “It makes you a better person because you’re around better people,” said youth baker Carlos.


Summer Ave. Food Tour

Arepas Deliciosas on Summer Ave., locally known as “the Colombian restaurant,” was set up four years ago to raise funds for a girls school in Colombia. Arepas are the main dish in Colombian cuisine, served with meat, eggs, vegetables, rice, and sauces — there’s an arepa style for everyone! Also on Summer Ave. is La Michoacana, offering ice pops, banana splits, ice cream with strawberries, and several other desserts that are typical in Mexico. You can even order for a party. (We bet you’re hungry now!)


Melrose H.S. Stadium

Fall Friday nights in Orange Mound “are a given — you have to be a Melrose High School Stadium,” says resident Denise Williams Green. As the neighborhood hub of activity in this historic area of Memphis, residents proudly say the high school and its stadium are more than just that — they represent who the Orange Mound community has been, who it is today, and who it shall be.



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