Rise of the Rest

Steve Case Comes to Memphis

Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Memphis … so alive, in fact, that it attracted billionaire investor Steve Case and the team at Rise of the Rest Seed Fund. On the Memphis stop of the Rise of the Rest Road Tour, local entrepreneurs pitched their business ideas and showed off our true Memphis ingenuity. The winning concept was … watch the video! Rise of the Rest awarded $100,000 to the winner, which was immediately matched with another $100,000 from a local investor.

Memphis Demo Day 2018

Growing a Start-Up Community

Epicenter, ServiceMaster, StartCo, and Zeroto510 hosted the 2018 cohort of global innovators building companies in the areas of home services, social enterprises, medical devices, and logistics. Memphis is a place where entrepreneurs don’t just rise, they thrive. This video summarizes the inspirational culmination of 2018’s entrepreneurial experience, Demo Day at the Halloran Centre.

Habitat for Humanity

Rock the Block

Castalia Heights, located just south of Cooper Young and west of Orange Mound, was a thriving community until the 1970s. Then, like many American communities, it took a “nose dive.” Habitat for Humanity was granted a plot of land in Castalia Heights and 2018 was the year to build new homes on that land. Rock the Block was a day-long event, sponsored by Republic Services, to prepare for building with 32 new Habitat families and work with 55 other neighborhood homeowners to beautify their homes.



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