Rhodes College

Art Student Profile

Student Sara Lynn Abbott (‘19) describes what’s unique about being an art major in the Rhodes College art program. “We get a rounded education, which is nice because students going to grad school for art are from institutions where they just get art. But I get to take in more knowledge from different areas of academia because I go to Rhodes.”


Shelby County Schools

We Are 901 - Promo

Shelby County Schools is our community’s second-largest employer and is the backbone behind our local workforce — SCS graduates go on to fill any number of essential jobs throughout Memphis. “We Are 901” is a storytelling campaign that showcases pride, innovation, determination, heart and soul inside the SCS school district. This is the promo used to launch the event. #SCSis901!


Women’s Foundation of Greater Memphis

Exposure Trips Outside of Memphis

“We use athletic to see that the things they are able to do can move them forward in life.” A trip to New Orleans and Tampa sponsored by the Women’s Foundation of Great Memphis, helped the Booker T. Washington basketball and cheer squad experience life outside of the 38126 zip code.

Gestalt Community Schools

Brand Story

“The stars are aligning in Memphis to solve for huge complex problems…we can really be a model for how education should look.” Gestalt Community Schools focuses on raising up neighborhoods and their scholars to achieve for themselves and their communities.


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