Brody Kuhar

Director of Photography, Graphics & Video Producer


Brody is the most recent graduate of Loras College to join the Forever Ready Productions team. His degree is in Media Studies.

Brody’s tenure with Forever Ready began with a summer internship in 2017. After that experience, there was no way owners Lauren and Scott were letting Brody get away! His impact on the team began early and now, as a full-time team member, he continues to push creative boundaries — both his and ours — every day.

Brody is a natural in our culture of having and sharing a love for stories. He captures fantastic visuals when he’s behind the camera and is known among clients for being both efficient and courteous while on set.

Ask him about his T-Rex walk some time.

As a creator, Brody is on a mission to make his biggest dreams a reality. We couldn’t be happier that he chose Memphis and Forever Ready.


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It’s our heart, our DNA.