STORY 2019 // Photo Essay

"Thanks for the email. The Forever Ready Productions team is out of the office attending the STORY Conference in Nashville until 9/21. We know what you're thinking! A conference about story? What?!"

Yeah, it was epic. It was also deep, confusing, emotional, uplifting, frustrating, overwhelming, and inspiring all at once. Sound stressful? Nah, it was my kind of conference. We saw 26 speakers talk about liminal space over two deep and exhausting days ranging from Leslie Odom Jr. to Brad Montague.

Wait… wtf is Liminal Space? It's the space in between, duh. All humans, "creative" or not, experience the in between in some way or another in their lifetime. (I put creative in quotations because we're all creative, silly). Chances are good you're in the liminal space right now. You could be between theoretical things like no longer and not yet, more existential things like migrating to a new country and not having a sense of identity, or hangry things like in between lunch and dinner. Regardless, "liminal space is the soft underbelly of transformation" (Gillian Ferrabee). It's all about transforming into a better version of YOU. This concept blew my mind and I haven't stopped figuring out all of the different ways it applies to my life at this very moment. Check out the most recent Ready or Not podcast here to listen to our discussion about our own liminal struggles.

We challenged ourselves to do a photo essay using only photos taken on our iPhones. Why not use your big, professional equipment because big, professional equipment equals amazing content, right? Wrong. It’s about the story you tell and amazing stories can be crafted with any device. Enjoy!

"The place between old story and new story is no story." - Michael Margolis

When it comes right down to it, "life's not waiting" (Ben Von Wong). "You can't create inauthentic experiences out of the fear that your authentic story isn't enough" (John Acuff). It's okay to be you and to be okay with being okay with yourself. (Don't hurt yourself reading that last sentence too many times). The best thing you can do is "make what you do FUN" (John Acuff). Most of all, "ENJOY IT" (Brad Montague). Enjoy the process and the pain of growth.

Easy, right? ;)

Forever Ready Productions writing the future!!!
Brody Kuhar