Meet Jack: Videographer and Graphics Producer


Hi everyone! I’m Jack Sarcone, and I’m the newest addition to the Forever Ready team… and yes, I also went to Loras College. I love the outdoors, film photography, and learning new and interesting skills. Home for me is Des Moines, Iowa, so moving to the South is completely different and something I never expected for myself, but I’m so excited to continue doing what I love and discover more about the people of Memphis.

I’ve always gotten involved in creative endeavors. I’ve tried everything from watercolor painting to learning the banjo. But when I picked up my grandpa’s old 35mm film camera, I fell in love. Photography introduced me to video, and video introduced me to storytelling and so many great friends and opportunities. It felt so natural to me and it has opened up so many doors for me, Memphis included.

My passions are documentary filmmaking, branding, and brand storytelling. I really fell in love with making documentaries while at Loras. In the spring of 2018, I collaborated with two classmates, Brody Kuhar and our friend John to create a documentary for our senior capstone. It’s called the Art of Living and you can watch it here —> ;)

The end product isn’t necessarily what made me fall in love with the craft, but rather the process. I learned so much in making the Art of Living and the experience is something I won’t ever forget. It’s the natural way of letting people tell their own stories and pairing that with beautiful imagery of the environment around the story. I found that meeting and getting to know interesting people who are passionate about what they do is something I want to do forever. As soon as we finished this one, I didn’t want to stop. I started doing research on topics for a documentary that would be my biggest challenge. This November I’m travelling to Ireland to tell the story and visually share the lifestyle of one of the last lighthouse keepers in the country. The beauty of isolation and solitude is the main theme of my next film and I think there is no better or more beautiful way to show that than in the life of a lighthouse keeper on the southern coast of Ireland. It’s also an interesting topic to share, as the job is vanishing in the 21st century, as GPS and automation have scrubbed away at the history of such a fascinating and important job throughout time. I feel it’s a story that shouldn’t be forgotten when technology inevitably takes it’s place. Preserving stories like that, to me, is the major role documentary filmmakers and storytellers have in society.

I’m so excited to give my all at Forever Ready and hopefully use my skills to show the amazing work being done in Memphis. I hope to bring my love for storytelling, eye for photography, and passion for video production to the work we do and help tell our clients’ stories.

Lauren Ready