Meet Brody: Creative Director

Hey world, I’m Brody. I’m the Creative Director at Forever Ready Productions and I oversee the entire creative process of our productions. I LOVE creating. It was a graphic design course back in high school that jump started my creative career and made me addicted to the creative process. I, too, went to Loras College and developed a steamy passion for filmmaking and motion design. Most of all though, I fell in love with telling stories. Everyday, I meet amazing people in the city and it is a dream to visually bring their stories to life.

I had the pleasure of shooting, editing, and designing many of the Forever Ready videos over the past year (and continue to do so). In January of 2019, I had the honor of starting the photography add on which we’re growing today. Check out our photography here.

When I’m not grinding my soul away at work, I’m doing more work on the side #nerdlife. Graphic design and photography are my hobbies. I do travel and street photography and post my work daily on Instagram. Instagram limits my ability to tell stories with photography though, so I designed a website that is now home to all of my photo essays. I titled the photo series Lateral Thinking. By definition, lateral thinking means solving problems through an indirect and creative approach. I coined this name because the series is about getting out of my traditional ways of thinking and creating things that I would otherwise not. Check out my website here at

This team is amazing. It is an absolute honor to work for this company. It excites me to think about where we’ll be just a year from now. Let’s create!

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Brody Kuhar