The Ever Changing Rules Of Posting Video On Facebook

As I write this post, it’s probably already obsolete. I’m going to share it anyway because content and strategy matter when you make an investment in video storytelling for your organization.

At the beginning of May, Facebook released a new set of “tips and tricks” for how you post on your organization’s Facebook page. Here’s the full article if you’re curious, but I’m going to summarize a couple of key takeaways:

  1. Original content is king- Facebook says it will prioritize videos that are created by you (or your production partners, i.e. Forever Ready). Plus, videos that engage viewers for more than a minute are more likely to show near the top of your feed. This makes total sense from a production stand point. We’ve found that 1-2 minute videos do really well on Facebook. Videos over 3 minutes also do well, BUT they have a compelling story line (see our next point).

  2. Make videos that move people to watch to the end - This one is interesting to me because our sweet spot is videos ranges from 60-90 seconds in length. The two reasons being:

    1) it’s hard to keep people engaged


    2) Not all stories need more than two minutes.

    However, there’s a new trend. ”Research has shown us that people on Facebook find value in longer videos that have a story-line.” In other words, STORY matters. Especially when it compels people to keep watching. Fast paced, engaging content makes all the difference.

  3. Search-friendly posts - This is a BIG one. It’s important to write CLEAR titles and descriptions that include relevant tags. This helps with search results and can help your video show up in a news feed or Facebook Watch.

  4. Post more than just video - If you’re not posting regular video content then post photos, live videos or text in-between to keep people engaged.

A couple of final video takeaways:

  1. Inspire people to act.

  2. Ask your followers to share the content using their perspective.

  3. Be engaging with your comments, shares and reactions.

The bottom line: if you’re producing authentic content, that’s not overly scripted or staged, it’s more likely to get engagement. If you do go the scripted or story boarding route, make sure it’s relatable!

Social media platforms are constantly changing when it comes to the dos and don’ts. With that being said, Forever Ready Productions works every day to make sure we produce a product that you can share with audiences across any platform.

Lauren Ready