Meet Jordan: Video Producer Intern

Video Producer Intern, Jordan Huntley on graduation day at Harding University.

Video Producer Intern, Jordan Huntley on graduation day at Harding University.

Hi, my name is Jordan Huntley and I am the new Video Production Intern at Forever Ready!  I’m from Memphis, TN and I graduated from Harding University with a BA in Communication Studies. I have a loving family and I am a follower of Jesus and his teachings and seek to honor God in everything I do.

I decided to pursue visual storytelling as an outlet for my overactive imagination and love to bring the emotion out of people. I think that visual storytellers are some of the most influential people on the planet. The best part about this, is that they all have their own unique style and way to tell their stories. I have to say that growing up in the era of YouTube and Vine stars has been pretty influential. These people have had a great impact on the way I tell stories.

I have a super overactive imagination and I still harbor my childlike creativity in my head at all times. Bright colors, larger than life stories, and memorable characters are all some of the things I love about storytelling. I had the opportunity to attend STORY, a creative conference presented in Nashville, TN in 2018, and learned that it’s important we keep a childlike wonder about the world. I treasure my mind’s unwillingness to grow up and chase after that wonder. It has kept me on my toes. It allows me to always ask, “what if?”. It never ceases to amaze me and pushes me to stay creative and young in this grown-up world of mine. My dream, like the creators of the things I love and admire, is to create something that someone else will love as much as I do. I want to spread the joy I feel, to others.

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to consume a wide variety of visual media. I believe that the more you expose yourself to the content of others, the better you’ll be at developing your own!

Now that I’ve started my internship at Forever Ready, I have to say that I’m very excited to learn. I’m surrounded by people who have more experience and expertise in this field and I am eager to get to that level. The best part is that I get to do that in a familiar place. This summer, I’ll hope to gain a new perspective of Memphis through the stories we tell. It’s all around exciting to just be at Forever Ready on any given day, yet alone work all over the city.

Oh, and here’s a look at my first piece of solo work with Forever Ready:

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