Are ZOO Ready for This?

We’ve been working with the Memphis Zoo for a couple years now, and every project is an opportunity to learn something new and hang out with some pretty awesome animals! It’s changed the way we look at and feel about zoos, especially ours here in Memphis. The Memphis Zoo works to rehabilitate and share news and updates about the conservation of their animals. Not only that, but they are actively researching how to sustain and grow animal populations that are currently endangered.

You probably remember the monthly videos featuring Winnie, the baby hippo, during her first year of life. We would share fun facts, updates on her growth, and behind the scene sneak peeks of Winnie doing her thing. If you haven’t been able to see them, here’s a look at one of our favorites from her 6 month check-in!

The Memphis Zoo did a first birthday celebration with “Guess Winnie’s Weight” challenge. At the final weigh in Winnie was 908 pounds. (though, we’d hoped it would be 901!) That’s a long way from her birth weight of 76 pounds.Since then, we’ve been able to help out with plenty of cool projects with the Memphis Zoo. We’ve gotten to tour the zoo for an HR video for their future employees to be welcomed into the zoo community. We’ve also explored the enrichment they do during the winter months for the animals.

During the summer, a bald eagle was brought to Dr. Felicia, the Memphis Zoo Senior Veterinarian. The eagle had been found injured on some train tracks and brought to the Memphis Zoo for rehabilitation. Dr. Felicia and the other vets and zookeepers have been able to rehab many injured animals and send them back out into the wild. This video along with many others have reminded us how special our job is because of our involvement in truly spectacular moments! The Memphis Zoo saved this eagle and allowed him to fly again and continue his life in the wild.

Our coolness factor doesn’t end there, though! At the beginning of 2019, we began our newest project: Memphis Zoo Insider. Each month we feature a different animal at the zoo and share some pretty important conservation updates with viewers. In our first month, we shared the birth of Mashamba, the new baby giraffe, and the efforts to correct the joints in her hind legs. Most recently, we featured the polar bears at the Memphis Zoo, and how they are kept cool in the hotter months.

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Julie White