Our [not so] Secret Ingredient

So you want to know what’s inside the Forever Ready Secret Sauce?

How do we make a video that has your heart bursting while also gathering countless clicks of those ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons?


It’s a word that has been coming up in our office a lot recently. We feel and then we act. The domino effect of seeing, hearing, doing, experiencing something that makes you FEEL an extraordinary moment, and the momentum it builds to lead you to ACT.

We feel so strongly about our clients work, providing a platform to show them their stories matter. And not just to them and their organization, but to us and to Memphis. And because of what their work provides to the city, the only thing we can do in response is to act. Share with them the idea of collaborating of building a team around them that says, “Hey! You have an amazing story and more people should know about it. Let us help you share it!”

Passion can’t be faked. (WARNING: Could lead to serious burnout) Luckily, we don’t have to force that drive.

For all of our team passion looks a little different.

Brody is all about sharing the honest beauty and determined grit of these organizations through visuals. He thrives on using creativity to showcase important work that is often behind-the-scenes, underrated and overlooked.

I’m all in for our clients. I aim to fully understand their work before we even touch a camera. Are they comfortable? Are we serving them the best way we can? Do they feel a part of the process?

Lauren, like her title, is masterful in storytelling. (You don’t win an EMMY for nothin’!) But she’s the OG passion-finder, passion-grower, and story-sharer. For her, it’s about delivering to our clients a video that makes them feel the way we felt when we first heard about their work. Every time we complete a story and hand it off to the client to use, it’s because all of our passions met and aligned harmoniously.

We are definitely not all the same on this team, but our driving passion to deliver the best possible service and story to our clients will always lead to something that has hearts leaping. That’s passion.

Julie White