And the Emmy goes to.....

In the interest of not burying the lead (even though it’s the headline)…we’ve won our FIRST Emmy!!! And we are excited about it. It’s a true meeting of dream and mission.

When Forever Ready Productions was founded in 2014, Lauren was mission-driven: tell the good stories. As many as possible, and share it with people. As many as possible.

She started looking at what was happening around her, and pressed the record button on it. She used her heart and strung together the beauty that was present all around Memphis. And people started watching and, in return, noticing things happening around themselves as well.

She started getting calls from potential clients about work they wanted to share. She ended up with so many good stories that she needed more people. She grew her team and brought people to a city full of vibrancy, culture, heart and stories.

The mission was and still is EVERYTHING. But Lauren also had this little dream. We all have these little dreams that nag at us, and push us to get better, work harder, and hustle faster. Lauren’s was to win an Emmy. She entered work when she was working in news and was even nominated for an Emmy in 2017 for her work with Regional One Health.

On Saturday, February 16th, 2019, Lauren won an Emmy in the Magazine Segment category, Bike Lee.

The piece that won was a passion project. It’s a story about the Carpenter Street Bike Shop and Lee Evans, who worked in the inaugural year of the shop’s bicycle mechanic training program. Lauren began documenting the program with no real end goal in mind, except to share the story of what was happening on Carpenter Street. The story didn’t play out quite like she thought it would but Lee emerged as a character to feature in the piece because of what he was learning about himself during the program. Ironically, it was capturing, rather than creating, that made the story feel real. It had grit and heart and moved people.

Lauren’s worked for over a decade in this field, creating story after story. She’s mastered this art of storytelling, and would probably say, “It’s a team effort”. She’s not wrong in many cases, but this is a collision of her mission and her dream, and she definitely deserves the praise.

Congratulations Lauren!

Julie White