Re[MEM]ber to Collaborate

As Lauren roamed a house concert on a Saturday evening, she heard Elizabeth Cawein ardently explain the mission of Music Export Memphis, a catalyst for artistic opportunities. She shared their goal to showcase Memphis music outside the city, driving tourism, talent attraction and economic development. Finally, a platform for artists who want to grow their careers and show off Memphis talent all over the world.

As a creative who has made roots in Memphis, Lauren felt a pull to work with this organization. Forever Ready believes in and encourages the growth of Memphis, and it’s our in our mission to tell stories of non-profits like this one. Video was the perfect way to share their story with a broader audience. And that’s where Forever Ready Productions came in.

After an initial interview with Elizabeth to explain what MEM is all about, it was evident that they needed to showcase their talent, the artists that make up the music of contemporary Memphis.

At first, we did all of the interviews inside of Crosstown Concourse, using footage from tours or LIVE shows to roll over the interview story line.  These videos were a great resource to show off a few of the music ambassadors, but they were missing an element of collaboration.

Forever Ready believes that the best products rely on the expertise of our team, but even more important, the input and ideas of our clients. When Elizabeth recommended a documentary style video on the set of prominent music hot spots like Shangri-La Records, Sam Phillips Recording Studio, Hi-Tone, and more, the videos really started to shine.

See some of the videos below:

“It’s always a pleasure to work with people who are as excited about the mission and vision of your organization as you are. The Forever Ready team has really felt like an extension of our MEM team in that way, and we trust them to tell our story, to get it right, and to tell it beautifully. The pieces they create for our Ambassadors are such an incredible value-add, and something artists can use well beyond the tour we’re funding to promote themselves.” - Elizabeth Cawein, Executive Director of Music Export Memphis

The partnership between Forever Ready and Music Export Memphis continues to create some of our favorite work. We’ve been able to follow some Memphis artists to the Americana Music Festival in Nashville, TN. We’ve told individual stories about artists like Nick Black, Daz Rinko, the Magurie Twins, Liz Brasher, Marco Pave, James and the Ultrasounds, Tora Tora, and Don Bryant. And we continue to help share how Memphis music past and present is part of the magnetism that pulls people to the city.

Taking a chance on Memphis and those who want to see it flourish has long since been a point of pride for Forever Ready. Clients like Music Export Memphis make our jobs fun and purposeful. As so many of these artists have said: “Memphis is Music.

Let’s keep it going.