Not Why, But Why Not?

Everyone says that what you do in life should start with why you do it.

I would agree with that, but when I was asked 8 months ago why I took a job in Memphis working for a production company that served non-profits, I felt it should be less of a why and more of a why not.

Not everyone could see it my way, and many people worried I wasn't making the best choice by moving away from the people and places I knew best. Despite some negative feedback, I felt Memphis was the exact place I needed to be.

There are plenty of reasons why I do what I do in Memphis. I love serving non-profits; being part of a start-up allows me to take on responsibilities that a large company would never grant me; I have the chance to really meet the people I interview and tell stories about. There are countless other reasons which I am reminded of daily, but none of this would exist if Memphis didn't have so many untold stories.

Forever Ready was designed to be a resource for non-profits. We see and hear the droning on of negative news every single day. On TV. On social media. Everywhere we look.

So, Forever Ready Productions looks into the Memphis communities with a different perspective. A perspective that knows the people who live here and their stories. The stories that no one is telling.

We brought in a camera and pressed record on some of the momentous and transformative things happening in this city. Here are just a few examples:

Urban Bicycle Food Ministry

Brewster's Barber Shop

The Rev

These videos were my first answer to that question of “why.” Why make this move to Memphis?

Because, here, in Memphis, I have the opportunity to tell stories that matter. With every day that I come into work, more reasons and answers to that “why” seem to pop up. More examples:

Sweet LaLa's

Promise CDC

Building Box

Why is a great question to ask, but when there are so many reasons for that why, why not seems like an easier and shorter answer.

So why not do something like this? Why not spend my time moving out of my comfort zone? Why not provide a space where people can share what they are doing to make Memphis a beautiful, welcoming, and growing city? Why not be a part of something much bigger than myself? Why not give technology a true purpose?

I say there is no reason not to. So I'll continue serving those who have a powerful message to share with Memphis and whoever else is listening.

We have started saying that we are serving people within our means. We can't cure cancer or end homelessness with a degree in Media Studies, but we can be a part of the process.

We can tell the truth in a way that inspires other to be a part of the process as well. So whether you know a story that needs to be told or want to help tell stories, contact us. 

Let's all be a part of the process to change the perspective on Memphis.