#ContagiousGiving: Cassy's Wish with UBFM

There are certain sayings you hope will stick with people and #ContagiousGiving is one of those sayings.

We first started it with our BWW lunch with the kids from the Carpenter Art Garden.  But it's growing into something we hope will become a movement.  

The idea is simple: when you give of your time, your talent or your money, then share it with others, it's contagious. It sparks a feeling in someone else and that feeling is contagious. We believe that sharing stories of giving in the Memphis community will only continue to foster a community of giving. And so it continues with this latest story: 

It was Friday, April 15th around 10:00 am and I got a call from a friend, Lyle Udell. He is a volunteer with Urban Bicycle Food Ministry in Memphis. He wanted to know if we could help with a very special project. I said yes, but we were out of town and couldn't be there to film. That's where one of our contractors, Jacob Kelly, came to the rescue. 

The urgency was because 14-year-old Cassy Colunga has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. In January doctors gave her 6 months to live. So, naturally she created a bucket list of things she wanted to experience. One of them:  serving food to the homeless. 

But the only problem with the wish: Cassy is no longer mobile and therefore unable to do it. Until volunteers stepped in and prepared 60 bags to be given to the homeless and hungry. The group then gave the bags to volunteers at UBFM. They spent Saturday morning riding bikes around downtown Memphis and handing out Cassy's bags.

With each bag, came the story of Cassy's selfless act. Our videographer, Jacob, was literally running from place to place to capture the moments. One man was even brought to tears by her generosity. Another man simply smiled when he heard her story.

The volunteers felt something too. Some near tears as they told Cassy's story. And quite honestly, as we edited this video together, we too were in tears.

Cassy's strength and simple act of charity inspired us. And reminded us the power of #ContagiousGiving. With one small act of love, we are all inspired to do more for others. 

So thank you, Cassy, for being you. And of helping us see that there is so much more to life. You remind us to give everyday and live life to the fullest. 

You can watch the full video here.