Church Health, Forever Ready Productions & OAM Network Partner at Crosstown Concourse

From the moment Church Health began plans to move to Crosstown, there was a vision to capture Memphis’ best moments. Forever Ready Productions and OAM Network were already doing that in their own mediums, when Church Health invited us into their Crosstown space. 

We’re thrilled that Forever Ready and OAM will work in the ground floor of the Central Atrium inside Crosstown Concourse. The space, called “The Control Room,” is owned by Church Health and will serve as primary offices for the expansion of both companies and will be an epicenter for audio and video content creation for Church Health.


The name "The Control Room" was inspired by the rich history of Crosstown, dating back to when the building served as a Sears Roebuck & Company catalog distribution center. But the space also fits right in line with the goal of Crosstown Concourse, to create a unique setting of interconnectedness and interdependence; recognizing that we are better together.   

"The Control Room was a vision Dr. Scott Morris had when Crosstown was just an idea,” said Ann Langston, Church Health’s Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships and Opportunities. “We are excited to welcome Forever Ready Productions and OAM into the space. They will not only activate it and help us tell the story of Church Health inside Crosstown, but also we believe their missions align with ours.”

Forever Ready Productions was built as a side project while I was still employed full-time as a local broadcast journalist. After building an initial portfolio of non-profit clients, I left traditional television journalism to expand Forever Ready Productions, a journalistic-style video storytelling and production company. I knew she had a new calling - to capture life's stories in short, authentic, and shareable ways. 

Forever Ready produces regular content for the Memphis Zoo, Regional One Health, Catholic Charities of West Tennessee, Volunteer Odyssey and Dorothy Day House, among many others.  

We’re excited to partner with Church Health in "The Control Room" and believe this partnership falls right in line with our mission to serve non-profits through video. We recently hired new staff and believe this will help us continue to grow and serve more non-profits. We also believe that we are well suited to serve the operations and mission of Church Health and the founding partners and tenants of Crosstown Concourse. Their motto of "better together" inspires a creative collision between the work we're doing at Forever Ready Productions and the work of OAM Network and Church Health.

OAM Network is an independent podcast network founded by Gil Worth. OAM produces weekly, bi-weekly and monthly shows for The Permanent Record (a Just City podcast), Black Nerd Power, The Bike Nerds, The Brunch, The Game Show, You Look Like a Comedy Show Podcast, Spillit Podcast, and more. 

"The idea of The OAM Network has always been to create a community and offer a platform for anyone to have a voice. We look forward to not only continuing to offer our services but also working with Church Health to tell their story,” said OAM founder Gil Worth

In addition to our current clients, Forever Ready Productions will be creating video content each month to showcase the work and events of Church Health. OAM Network will begin recording regular podcasts as well as capturing keynote speakers and other audio events at Crosstown Concourse. 

Lauren Ready