5 to Watch

“You can’t live in Memphis without some kind of side hustle, right?” That's how the Memphis Daily News cover story started.  

Last week, Lauren was featured in "Five to Watch," an article about creative entrepreneurs in Memphis. 

The article features the story of how Lauren's "side hustle" turned into a full time job. The article also talks about Lauren's first Ignite Memphis talk called  "Contagious Storytelling: How one story can change the world." 

Lauren didn't realized it at the time, but that may have been the beginning of Forever Ready Productions.  

In the article Lauren says: “It started as me making videos for nonprofits, because I found a lot of nonprofits didn’t have enough resources to tell their own story. That grew into a demand for someone to turn around fast stories for them. … I’ve been working both jobs for quite some time now, and there are a lot of similar things to the life of a reporter. I’m working on multiple things at one time, and I’m still telling stories – I’m just telling those stories in a more positive way, in a more call-to-action kind of way.”

Read the full article here. Photos: Memphis News/Andrew J. Breig.